Why us?
We are a chiropractic practice that focuses on chiropractic adjustments and practical all-natural therapies that patients can implement in their daily life. The therapies given are primarily an educational tool for our patients. Therefore, once the concepts are grasped, our patients are no longer dependent upon Sensoria Chiropractic to use the therapies. Our focus is true to chiropractic principals in that our goal is to bring ease to your nervous system, which in turn allows your body to function at its most optimal state.

Sensoria Chiropractic offers a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can rest and release what may be holding you back. Our physical examinations are detailed and made to uncover the source of your presenting issue. After your initial examination and throughout your care plan, we will discuss approaches towards better health practices in a customized fashion that fits your fancy. During each visit, in depth attention will be given towards your body at its presenting state, and while being adjusted we will give your body the time it needs to process. We offer minimal force adjusting techniques that work with the body and not against it. Our method has been made to facilitate continual progress toward your health goals and beyond. We understand that there is a time and a place for every healthcare discipline. Exceptional healthcare requires a strong team, and we will work alongside any other physician in your healthcare team.
Our motto
Come as you are.
Our mission
“To provide the most comprehensive non-invasive-healthcare for human and animal patients with spinal or nervous system dysfunction using chiropractic to improve the health of our community.”
Our values
Quality service
Our vision
“To create tomorrow’s best all-natural healthcare today.” 

We want to carry the torch of chiropractic and holistic healthcare into modern times while exploring its future in our community.