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Human Appointment InformationAnimal Appointment Information
Inital Examination - What to expect!
Initial examinations include two visits (DAY 1 and DAY 2). These visits are covered in the initial examination price.

DAY 1: Your first visit will be composed of us gathering information about you and anything that may be going on. This includes a consultation with the chiropractic physician and a detailed examination.

DAY 2: On your second visit, you will be given our findings and recommendations based on the conclusion of your first visit. You will be given the chance to make an informed decision if you would like to participate in chiropractic care. If agreed  upon by the chiropractic physician and you that adjustments are ok, you will receive your first adjustment.
Appointment Arrival
Prior to your first visit, you should have created your account and completed your intake form. All visits will be located in the medical office at 1844 Fiddler Ct. Suite A. Please bring any important medical documents, state driver's license, and Medicare information if you have it.
Gather & Bring: important medical documents, state driver's license, and Medicare information if you have it
Arrive: 1844 Fiddler Ct. Suite A, Tallahassee, FL 32308
Inital Examination - What to expect!
During this visit, you will be asked about your animal's condition, health history, and any other relevant factors. Your animal will then receive a chiropractic examination. Following the examination, you will be given detailed information about your animal's status and how we can help. With your consent, your animal will get their first adjustment. This all-encompassing visit will enable you to decide if we are right for your animal.
Appointment Arrival
All small animal (cat/dog) appointments will be offered at Capital Veterinary Specialists, located at 1615 Mahan Center Blvd. When you arrive to Capital Veterinary Specialists, scan the self check-in sign for Sensoria Chiropractic located at the front desk. Please sit in the waiting area and sign-in with your mobile device. Once the you are checked in, the chiropractic physician will meet you in the waiting area.
Arrive: 1615 Mahan Center Blvd, Tallahassee, FL 32308
Scan self check-in sign with mobile device
Chiropractic physician will meet you in the lobby

All large animal (horses) appointment locations are TBD. Please call or email us to discuss.